Here's the story...

My name is Jessica Piñeros, founder of Dulces de Coco. As a Colombian-American born and raised in South Florida, I grew up eating the best Latin-American treats made by my family and my community. Eating and learning how to make these foods is something that always brought me joy and made me feel right at home. Going vegan in my early twenties is something that really changed my relationship with food, but I was determined to keep my culture and traditions.

Although every item on our menu is 100% vegan, it still tastes like home. The love and flavor are still there without any animal bi-products. The reason we are Dulces de Coco is that most of the menu items have coconut-based ingredients like coconut milk, coconut sugar, etc.

Not only is our food plant-based but so is all of our packaging and printed material. We strive to reduce the amount of plastic in our operation by using biodegradable, compostable, or glass material that can decompose easier/quicker back into the earth or be re-used. We are by no means perfect, but it is one of our main priorities to be as environmentally responsible as possible.