My experience in hiring Dulces De Coco for catering at non-profit events has been 10/10 a completely wonderful experience! Jess is punctual, professional, warm and caring. You can see the love she puts into the food and the preparation in the most thoughtful and littlest details that make the biggest difference. People who normally aren't into vegan food are constantly praising the taste, quality, and deliciousness of the food Jess makes. For folks who are vegan or generally just stay away from dairy and meat, Dulces De Coco provides yummy plant-based treats that are inclusive to this growing population of consumers that usually feel excluded by limited food options at events. The reason I chose to hire Dulces De Coco was after throwing numerous events and receiving feedback that vegan options weren't really included or felt like a second thought. I'm so happy I did and I give my highest recommendation that you include Dulces De Coco at your next event. 

- Isa Zuluaga 


I’ve been a Dulces de Coco customer for over a year now and I will be for the rest of my life! Jess is an absolute professional in every way, her desserts are loved by vegans and non-vegans alike. I have had her cater all of my family events and it has been a success every single time. You can taste the love that she puts into her food, it’s quality that cannot be beaten. Not to mention, her price point is unbeatable. This is a small company that deserves so much recognition, I’m happy to have discovered it at this stage so that I can witness its growth first hand. Don’t take my word for it, just try it for yourself, I promise you’ll be addicted and a customer for life.


- Annie Roa


The polvorones were amazing! I catered 50 for my sister's baby shower and everyone loved them and the fact that they’re vegan blew everyone away! They were gone so quickly and tasted like the authentic Puerto Rican ones.


- Camille Escobar


There is literally NOTHING Jess doesn’t do well! Her sweets are INCREDIBLE! Having been vegan for two years now, I have NEVER tasted anything that tastes as good as the sweets that Jess makes! The cookies, cookie dough, rum cake, tres leches—-everything is out of this world good! I move to California soon and I am going to find a way to get her sweets out to me! Thank you, Jess!


- Stef Silva


Dulces de Coco takes me to a place I thought I couldn’t visit anymore being vegan. The nostalgia I experience from eating her Tres Leches takes me to my mom's cooking as a child, but instead of actually using 3 milks (as the name translates to), her desserts are completely plant-based. I always make sure to order her sweets for family gatherings complementing the old with the new, maintaining tradition while staying true to my values. It’s a treat for everybody to eat, even offering gluten-free options!


- Gabriela Cimadevilla 


So thankful to Dulce de Coco for bringing me back home with every bite! It’s easy to forget you’re eating vegan while eating these sweets- I’m so happy we got Dulce de Coco to cater our event. Everything came out perfect and the sweets were to die for. Most didn’t even realize they were plant-based! Can’t wait to keep booking them for every event I plan, my go-to for authentic sweets in South Florida!


- Tammy Arias 


A difficulty in my transition into veganism is my sweet tooth, especially for baked goods during the holidays. Jessica does an awesome job providing traditional Latinx desserts without compromising the taste. I ordered different batches of cookies on my last Christmas visit, and wow. The polvorones were the best thing with morning cafecito, now my (non-vegan) family members ask about them whenever I go visit them. Great flavors aside, Jessica makes a conscious effort to create ethical, soulful goodies, which makes her brand much more special. Even if you are not vegan, I encourage you to try some dulces de coco, as you will not be disappointed!! 


- Monica Chavarria